February 2019   
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Sunday Morning Worship & Sunday School
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Come join us as we study the word and worship together.


Choir Practice
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Choir Practice for the Sunday Morning Worship Service. All are welcome to come and be a part of this amazing opportunity to glorify the Lord.
Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting/Bible Study
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Join us as we pray together and walk verse by verse through the Old Testament to see how the Scriptures reveal Christ.
Bible Search
March 25th, 2018 - Col 4:10-11

                     Daily Devotional <> March 25,2018 <> Sunday

               Faithful brother & beloved servant. <> Colossians 4:10-11

                            Point of Contact <> Bro. Ben Van Winkle


   Not much is known about Aristarchus, except that he was arrested for his service to the Lord, as recorded in Acts 19:29. Now he is one of Paul's fellow prisoners.

   Mark is now identified as the cousin of Barnabas. This young man had started with Paul & Barnabas in missionary labors. But because of his failures Paul decided that he should be left behind, but Barnabas insisted on taking him along. This caused a problem between two older workers. However, it is good to learn that Marks failures were not final, & he is now restored to the confidence of the Apostle Paul.

   If Mark should visit Colossee, the saints were told to welcome him. The expression about whom you received instructions does not necessarily mean that the Colossians had previously received instructions concerning Mark. It may refer to the instructions which Paul is now giving to them. If he comes to you, welcome him. The mention of Mark, the writer of the Second Gospel reminds us that we are all writing a gospel day by day:

   We each write a gospel, a chapter a day,

   by deeds, looks & likes, the things that we say,

   Our actions betray us <> words faithful & true

   Say, “What is the gospel according to you?”

   Another co-worker of Paul is spoken of as Jesus, who is called Justus. Jesus then was a common name, as it still is in certain countries. It was the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name “Joshua.” No doubt this man was called Justus because his Christian friends would feel out of place calling him by the same name as the Son of God.

   The three men were all converted Jews. They were the only three converted Jews who were fellow workers with Paul for the Kingdom of God, men who had proved to be a comfort to him.


   As believers we should attempt to help our pastor as he leads our church into the future of the community we serve.