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Bible Search
January 24th, 2018 - Phil 3:1-3

                    Daily Devotional <> January 24, 2018 <> Wednesday

                             Against false teachers <> Philippians 3:1-3

                              Point of Contact <> Bro. Ben Van Winkle


   Finally my brethren, does not mean that Paul is about to close this epistle. The literal meaning is “As for the rest” <> the same word is used in (4:8) He exhorts them to rejoice in the Lord. The Christian can always find real joy in the Lord, no matter the circumstances. “The source of his singing is high in heaven above.” Nothing can affect the Christian's joy unless it first rob him of his Savior. Natural happiness is affected by pain, sorrow, sickness, poverty, & tragedy. But Christian joy rides high over the billows of life. Proof in all of this is found in the fact that Paul gives this exhortation from prison.


   He does not find it backward to repeat himself to the Philippians because he knows it is for their safety. But how does he repeat himself? Does this refer to the preceding expression where he urges them to rejoice in the Lord? Or does it mean the verses to follow where he warns them against the Judaizers? We believe that it is the latter that is in view. Three times in (V:2) he uses the word beware. To use this in repetition is not tedious for him, but for them it is a safe guard.


   They are to beware of dogs, evil workers, & of mutilation. All these most likely refer to the same group of men <> false teachers who sought to put Christians under the laws of Judaism & taught that righteousness could be obtained by law keeping & rituals.


   First of all there were dogs in the Bible, meaning unclean animals. This term was used by the Jews to describe the Gentiles! In Eastern countries, dogs were wild, scrounging food as best they can. Here we see that Paul is turning the tables & applying this term to those false Jewish teachers who were seeking to corrupt the church. They were really the ones who were living on the outside, trying to live on rituals & ceremonies. They were “picking up the crumbs when they might sit down to a feast.”  


   To grow as Christians we must stay away from false teachers & follow God's word, trust Him with our lives & teach others to do the same.