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Bible Search
January 23rd, 2018 - Phil 2:26-30

                       Daily Devotional <> January 23, 2018 <> Tuesday

                 Paul & Timothy are like minded-2 <> Philippians 2:26-30

                        Point of Contact <> Bro. Ben Van Winkle


   The saints had sent Epaphroditus to help Paul <> a journey of approx 700 miles. On his way he became very sick & almost died. This caused him great concern, not the fact that he was sick but that the saints might hear about it. If they did it could cause them grief for sending him on a journey that endangered his life. Many Christians have an unfortunate habit of dwelling on their illnesses or operations. Too often this is nothing but a manifestation of the sins of self pity, self occupation, or self display.

   Epaphroditus had been sick near to death, but God had mercy on him. This section is valuable to us for the light it shine on divine healing:

   First; sickness is not always the results of sin. Here is a man who was sick because of the faithful discharge of his duties (V:30) <> for the work of Christ he came close to death.”

   Second:we learn that it is not always God's will to heal instantly & miraculously. It appears that Epaphroditus' we learn that his sickness was prolonged & his recovery gradual (2 Timothy 4:20; 3 John 2)

   Third: we learn that healing is a mercy from God & not something we can demand from Him as being our right.

   Paul adds that God had mercy not only on Epaphroditus but on himself as well, lest he should have sorrow upon sorrow. The Apostle already had considerable grief in connection with his imprisonment. If Epaphroditus had died, he would have had additional sorrow.

   Now that Epaphroditus has recovered Paul has sent him home. The Philippians would rejoice to have their beloved brother back again, & this would lessen Paul's sorrow.

   Not only will they receive him back with joy, but they would also lift him up. It is a great dignity & privilege to be engaged in the service of the Lord. The saints should recognize this, even when it concerns one whom they are very familiar.

   As mentioned earlier Epaphroditus' sickness was directly connected with his service for Christ. This is of great value in the eye's of the Lord. It is better to burn out for Christ than to rust out. It is better to die in the service of the Lord than to be a mere statistic among those who die from Illness of accident.

   Paul is simply saying the Epaphroditus, he did what the people of Philippi were unable to do & that was to visit Paul in prison & encourage him in his work.