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Bible Search
January 21st, 2018 - Phil 2:17-19

                     Daily Devotional <> January 21, 2018 <> Sunday

                                   Like minds <> Philippians 2:17-19

                             Point of Contact <> Bro. Ben Van Winkle


   In the preceding section, Paul has set forth the Lord Jesus as the prime example of the lowly mind. But some might be tempted to say, “Oh, but He is God & we are only mortals.” So Paul now gives three examples of men who exhibited the mind of Christ <> himself, Timothy & Epaphroditus (e-paf-ro-di'tus). If Christ is the sun, then these three are moons, reflecting the glory of the sun. They are lights in a dark world.


   The Apostle uses an illustration here to describe the service of the Philippians & himself. He borrows a common practice from both Jew & pagan of the pouring out of the drink offering, over a sacrifice as it was being offered. Paul speaks of the Philippians as the offerers. Their faith is the sacrifice. Paul Himself is the drink offering. He would be happy to be poured out in martyrdom on the sacrifice & service of their faith.

   One writes: “The apostle compares the self-sacrifice & energy of the Philippians with his own, magnifying theirs & minimizing his. They were both laying down their lives for the sake of the Gospel, but he regards their actions as the great sacrifice, & his as only the drink offering poured out upon it. Under this figure of speech, he speaks of the possible approaching death of the martyr. If this should be his, he would rejoice & be glad.”


   For this same reason the Philippians should be glad & rejoice with Paul. They should not look on his possible martyrdom as a tragedy but congratulate him on such a glorious home going.


   Up to this point, Paul has cited two examples of self-sacrificing love <> the Lord Jesus & himself. Both were willing to pour out their lives to death. We have two more examples of selflessness <> Timothy & Epaphroditus.


   Paul hopes to send Timothy to Philippi in the very near future, so that they might encourage him with good news. Timothy was Paul's spiritual son, he had great confidence in him. He could trust Timothy to care for the Philippian believers as he would. Trust; we must trust the Lord to be with us as Paul was with Timothy, to encourage & direct us in His service.