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January 19th, 2018 - Phil 2:12

                        Daily Devotional <> January 19, 2018 <> Friday

                        Shine as Lights in this world <> Philippians 2:12

                        Point of Contact <> Bro. Ben Van Winkle


   Paul set forth the example of Christ in such a way, that He is now ready to press on the exhortation based on it.


   The Philippians had always obeyed Paul when he was present. Now they must do it much more in his absence, they must work out their own Salvation in fear & trembling.


   We now come to a passage of Scripture that has brought with it much confusion. To begin with, we must be very clear that Paul is not teaching that Salvation can be earned by works. Paul emphasizes throughout his writings that Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone. We ask what does this verse mean then?

First: It may mean that we are to work out the Salvation that God has placed within us. God has given us eternal life as a free gift. We are to live it out by being as much like Christ as humanly possible.


Second: Salvation here means the solution to their problems in Philippi. They had been plagued with squabbles & strife. The Apostle has given them the solution. Now they are to apply the solution by having the mind of Christ. So, now they would work out their own Salvation or should we say the solution to their difficulties.


   The Salvation spoken of here is not the Salvation of the soul, but deliverance from the snares which hinder those of us who are Christian from doing the will of God. Similar to vein, one describes it this way the  present entire experience of deliverance from evil.


   Salvation has many different meanings in the New Testament. We have already noticed that in (1:19) it means deliverance from prison. In this case it delivered Paul  from prison.  In (1:28) it refers to the eventual Salvation of the bodies from the very presence of sin. The meaning in any particular case must be determined in part, at least, by the context. We believe that this passage of salvation means the solution to the difficulties with the Philippians, that is, their contention with each other.