February 2019   
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January 13th, 2018 - Phil 2: 1-2

                   Daily Devotional <> Saturday <> January 13, 2018

     Unity based on Christ's example of humility <> Philippians 2:1-2


   Although Paul had on occasion, to commend the saints warmly at Philippi, there was still that undercurrent of strife. There was two women who had different opinions. Euodia & Syntyche) (4:2). It is helpful to keep this in mind because Paul is dealing directly with the cause of contention among the people of God.


   The “if” in this verse is not the “if' of doubt but of argument. This verse lists four considerations which should draw believers together in Harmony. The Apostle was saying, “that since there is so much encouragement in Christ, since His love is so persuasive, since the Holy Spirit brings us all together in such wonderful fellowship, & since there is so much tender affection & mercy in Christianity, we should all be able to get along in harmony with each other.


   We see here that it is clear, the Apostle is making an appeal for unity based on common devotion to Christ & common possession of the Holy Spirit. With all that there is in Christ, the members of His body that should have unity of purpose, affection, accord, sympathy.


   If these arguments carry any weight with the Philippians, then Paul begs them, that on the basis of such arguments, they should fulfill his joy. Up to this time the Philippians had given Paul much joy. He did not deny that for a moment, but now he asks that they fill his cup of joy to overflowing. They could do this by being like minded, having the same love, being of one accord & of one mind.

   The Word of God does not indicate any where that all Christians should act or think alike. While we are expected to agree on the fundamentals of the Christian faith, it is very obvious that on many minor issues there will be a great deal of differences of opinion. Uniformity & unity are not the same. It is possible to have unity (the same as being one) without uniformity (of being exactly the same). Although we might not agree on minor matters, yet we can insert our own opinions, where no real principle is involved, for the good of others.