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February 15th, 2018 - Col 1:5-8

                Daily Devotional <> February 15,2018 <> Thursday

                          Praying for you <> Colossians 1:5-8

                      Point of Contact <> Bro Ben Van Winkle


   Is this verse connected to what has gone on before? Is it connected with (V:3), where we give thanks? Or is it connected with the last part of (V:4): Your love for all the saints, because of the hope that is laid up for us in heaven? The Apostle Paul not only gave thanks for their love, but for the future inheritance that would someday be theirs. We can see here that Paul is listing the three virtues of the Christian life: Faith, Love & Hope. You can also find these in 1 Corinthians 13:13 & 1 Thessalonians 1:3; 5:8. One has made the statement: “Faith rests on the past; love works in the present; hope looks to the future.”

   The Colossians had heard about this hope, perhaps when the Gospel was preached to them. What they had heard is described as the word of the Gospel. The Gospel here is described as truly good news. (John 17:17). the Gospel is true because it is God's Word.

   The truth of the Gospel had come to the Colossians, as it had to all the  known world. It may mean that some from every nation had heard the good news of Salvation. (Acts 2) Paul is describing the Gospel results which is produced, in Colossee & all other parts of the world where the Gospel was being preached, it bore fruit & was growing. The Gospel does two things it bears fruit in the Salvation of Souls & builds up the saints, & spreads from city to city & from nation to nation.

   There was numerical growth in the church at Colossee as well as Spiritual growth, in the lives of the believers.

   It appears that great strides had been made in the first century, & that the Gospel reached Europe, Asia & Africa, going further than many thought. The Grace of God was bestowed on guilty men who deserved God's wrath.

   There was no jealous or bitterness in Paul's makeup. It did not bother him to see other preachers receiving commendations. In fact, he was the first to express his appreciation for other servants of the Lord.  

   Paul saw the genuine love of the Colossians for the Lord & His people, which is created by the indwelling of the Spirit of God. Our treasure is laid up in heaven, where our faith will find it fulfillment in Christ.